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Six new kittens born on May 5 th 2021!

SE*Avivaz Fenja and S*Utblicken’s Uppercut have got their kittens
on 5 May 2021!

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What an exciting litter!
Beautiful Fenja is the daughter of our Iris and the magical SC SE*Lisselbacks Giovanni, JW. Uppercut is of first class pedigree and we are so happy and grateful for this combination.

With such fine parents, it’s nothing less than a litter of stars!

BIG thanks to Barbro Åberg at Rockringen’s who made this possible!


SE*Avivaz Fenja
Black silver with white spotted tabby (ns 09 24)

S*Rockringen’s Uppercut
Black mackerel tabby bicolour (n 03 23)


AVIVAZ welcomes three new kittens on 29 March 2021!

SE*Prana’s Bonnie and S*Utblicken’s Caztor have got their kittens
on 29 March 2021.

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Such an exciting combination!

Caztor is a tall young man with a wonderful profile, powerful chin and a fantastic temperament. Since his father is Avivaz Casper, he is then also the grandson of our lovely Iris.

Many thanks to Ann-Louise Rylander who made this match possible! This will be the first litter for both Bonnie and Caztor and of course the HCM-scanned ua, PKDef and GSD-IV are free.


SE*Prana’s Bonnie

Black tortie (f)

S*Utblicken’s Caztor
Black with white spotted tabby (n 09 24)